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Eye Doctor & Surgeon | Conveniently Located in Asheville
Eye Doctor & Surgeon
Conveniently Located in Asheville



4 Ways to Manage Hypertension Eye Drop Prescriptions


Ocular hypertension is a semi-serious eye issue that could eventually lead to greater problems later on, like glaucoma. Hypertension is often a result of high pressure in the eye. One way to help deal with the hypertension is by taking eye drops to help reduce pressure and prevent further damage from occurring.

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3 Contact Lens Mistakes That Endanger Eye Health


If you're a new contact lens wearer, then you're likely excited to make the switch from glasses to contacts. Your eye doctor chose lenses perfect for your eyes and told you how to care for them. However, realize that new contact lens wearers, as well as people who have been wearing contacts for years, often make mistakes that can endanger their eye health.

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Blue Light Exposure and Older Adults: Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Functional


If you're an older adult who works on tablets, smart phones, computers or other electronic devices for extended periods of time, it's essential that you protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by your electronic screen. Blue light can aggravate the vision problems you already have, or it can cause new issues with your eyes.

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